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4 Week Glute Booster Challenge

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In this guide, you'll find valuable information gained from my real-life struggles and experiences + the conclusions I have come to after years of tormenting myself for not having the “perfect” body.
This guide is intended to function as your mesocycle. In this sense, it comprises only one phase of your entire training season which will allow you to get in tune for further progress in your workouts.
The main idea of this guide is to take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. To do this, we will use the right physical activity through well-structured routines; work on every part of your body, performance, and, at the same time, mindset and ability to create new habits.

The challenge and accompanying guide are structured in the following way.

  • The next available challenge will begin on July 1.
  • Weekly check-ins for accountability.
  • Access to the Vitafit private community.