HOLIFIT, your sweet & guilt-free holiday cooking guide!

You’ll find there’s something in these recipes for every taste, whether you’re a fruity
dessert lover or a chocolate fan. There’s everything from ideal cheesecakes to after-noon pick-me-up cookies or late-night treats.
HOLIFIT is filled with many options to get your dose of healthy fats, proteins and
fiber, so every day can be a healthy dessert kinda day.
Good for your gut and for your taste buds, the recipes herein included are made
with love and care, so I hope you (and your loved ones, if you wish to share) enjoy
them as much as I do.
My current favorites? Lemon cookies, pumpkin brownies and protein cinnamon
rolls. But I know I’ll probably have new favorites by tomorrow!
Thank you so much for getting your HOLIFIT guide!
Now pick your first recipe and get ready to make delicious happiness.

All my love,